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Organica is
for customers


They prove above all, the respect for the new standards requirements that demand the expectations of today’s consumers.

Join the movement

Join the movement

the norms

Customers are now operators of their choices.
New consumers have changed over the last 15 years. They consume by membership selecting alternately between low-cost and high-value brands. Consumers are sensitive to beauty, the origins of what they consume and are quite successful. They are attached to the raw materials of where merchandise is produced and ask brands for proof of authenticity.

As millennials, they want to consume both instantaneously and for the long term.
New consumers have deep ideals and values. They want to be able to consume the brands that correspond to them instantly, and in a long term perspective. This generation puts communication, labels, social media and societal projects as key drivers of their consumption habits.

They are the connected generation and they want it all and now.
Accustomed to very high speed, our consumers ask for a crystal clear and transparent shopping experience. They require a short and traceable message with immediate accessibility to resources. In a continuous conversation with the world and brands, they expect not only values to be defended but also fast and straight forward answers.
They are asking for authenticity, nature, comfort and luxury.
This generation appreciates nature and its offering of comfort and wildness. They attract and send consumers back to their most beautiful and deepest instincts. New consumers are looking for the raw, the colored, and what awakens their senses. It provides them bliss, and they consume more and more authentic brands, right down to the core of their product.

Organica is the answer to the
new consumer

Incorporate Organica to your product

Join the

You pay attention to details, and always want to go further with the intrinsic quality of your product. You also want to outstrip norms.
  • Prove the origin of your garments with the Organica label
  • Care for human, animal and ecology
  • Offer premium quality and transparency to your consumers
Incorporate Organica to your product
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