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With over 40 years of experience of experience in high end Merino wool sourcing and combing, Chargeurs Luxury Materials presents their new label, Nativa.

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We know our farmers, we know their lives, we share their passion for wool. The Nativa wool comes from the most breathtaking lands in Argentina, Uruguay, United States, Australia, South Africa and New Zealand. Click on the map to learn more about our locations.

United States of America

Chargeurs maintains a longstanding relationship with sheep growers, wool buyers, coops, and greasy wool warehouses in all wool producing regions across the United States. Only the best wools are acquired for each blend to match perfectly with the customer's expectation so ongoing customer programs receive consistent blends year after year.

New Zealand

New Zealand is the country with the highest density of sheep in the world with a total of more than 27 million. The North Island of New Zealand is populated by cross bred sheep due mainly to the climatic conditions whereas the drier souther part is the most suitable for Merino sheep leaving more space for the animals.


Tasmania, the largest Australian island in the south-west of the continent, is abounding in natural wonders. This luxuriant island with excellent air quality and temperate climate is home to more than 3 million merino sheep. These sheep leave voluntarily away from the human populations during the majority of the year, can enjoy a framework of life with breathtaking reliefs, which allows them to produce one of the finest merino wools in the world.


Uruguay is the second smallest country on the continent of South America. Thanks to excellent climate and environmental condition, the approximate 6,5 million sheep flock can graze all year round. All ingredients are reunited for a thoroughly favorable to high quality merino wool production.


Patagonia One of the world's foremost sheep farming areas. The Patagonian grasslands consist of vast steppes stretching as far as the eye can see to the foothills of the Andes. It is here, in this sparse, wild landscape, that herds of merino sheep graze freely and undisturbed.


We provide
the most

Through the label and its historical know-how of fibers, Nativa is committed to provide high-quality and authentic fibers to the contributors of the value chain. We offer merino wool from every producing region.

The merino is renowned around the world for the exceptional qualities of its wool, which is at once soft, tough and ultrafine. It is probably the most known wool breed and it is famous for Fine, Superfine and Extrafine wool (from 14my to 23 micron). This wool is mainly used for apparel products.


We respect

Every contributor of the value chain certified by Nativa complies with the principles stated by the protocol in terms of CSR, animal welfare, land management and industrial standards. The respect of Nativa's protocol principles is audited by a third party firm every year.
  • Certified farms
  • Certified wool sourcing and combing
  • Wool spinning
  • Weaving / knitting
  • Manufacturing
  • Shop
  • Certified farms

    Certified farms

    The wool comes from our certified farms in Uruguay
  • Certified wool sourcing and combing

    Certified wool sourcing and combing

    The greasy wool is scoured in combing mills
  • Wool spinning

    Wool spinning

    The wool becomes yarn in selected spinning mills
  • Weaving / knitting

    Weaving / knitting

    The wool is then weaved and knitted
  • Manufacturing


    The sweaters are produced by a selected apparel manufacturer
  • Shop


    These items can be found in your shops
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