NATIVA™ was launched by Chargeurs Luxury Materials, the world’s leader in luxury combed wool. A new branded fiber it offers unprecedented methods in terms of social, animal and environmental responsibility.

By joining NATIVA™, the world's leading brands get to prove their strong commitment to transparency, sustainability and responsibility. They prove, above all, their respect for the new standards expected by Consumers.

NATIVA™ was born out of passion. The passion of Chargeurs Luxury Materials’ team and Merino wool producers around the world, for this natural fiber of incomparable quality.

We can proudly say that we closely know each of the breeders who produce the most beautiful and responsible wool in the world. We can proudly say that driven by a deep concern for transparency and impeccable standards we have managed to offer today’s leading brands a level of quality and responsibility that has never been achieved before.

NATIVA™ is the new reference brand for wool fibers.


NATIVA™ aims to bridge the gap between sustainable sourcing standards and the demands being set by today’s consumers.
We are passionate. Our farmers dedicate their lives to raising sheep, and for many of them, it is their family’s legacy. Our partners along the supply chain embrace these convictions, and celebrate the noble nature of wool. Together, we are champions of its unparalleled unique properties.

We are mindful. We believe in doing things right. With strong integrity, we build long standing relationships with farmers and supply chain partners.

We are transparent. We bring full end to end traceability to the supply chain.

We are global and local. We are global yet operate as locals. With local teams throughout the globe, we hold a close relationship with our industry partners and farmers around the world.

We are innovative. With technology and a leadership approach, we bring innovation to a centuries old fiber.

Perfection is in our nature. We blend our 50 year old heritage developing high end technology with our passion for wool to source nature's finest fibers. We believe in the perfection that comes with time.

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Fuelled by a rich heritage and anchored in modernity, the Chargeurs Group is continuing a great industrial saga that began back in 1872.

Chargeurs has been meeting the expectations of its times, anticipating technological, financial and societal changes alike, without ever losing sight of its identity and ambition.

The history of the Group began with the Vignal family who started the Chargeurs Réunis as a navigation company. The Group has been operating in many industries. It was active in banking and insurance, in the hospitality industry with Club Med and Sofitel hotels, and even in the Chemicals sector.

Chargeurs is nowadays a worldwide champion on the cutting-edge markets. High-performance solutions, disruptive innovations, a global footprint, and standards of excellence are today the hallmarks of the Group’s identity.

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