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NATIVA™ Regenerative Wool
Having a neutral impact on the environment is no longer enough, so we are committed to doing more – leave the planet better than how we found it.
A Triple Impact
The NATIVA™ Regenerative Agriculture Program is a robust system with a triple impact, one based on scientific research and backed by data. It protects the land by bettering its soil quality, safeguards the animals by ensuring their healthy keeping, and supports farmers and local communities by improving their livelihoods. These multidisciplinary efforts result in greater water quality and increased CO2 capturing levels.
a triple impact
together to thrive
We believe that one size doesn’t fit all, so together with brands and expert partners we collaborate with farmers to build systems that are unique to each landscape. We tailor our Regenerative Program to fit specific soil and animal needs, and contribute to the wellbeing of farmers and their surrounding communities.
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together to thrive

 Discover NATIVA™ Regenerative Cotton

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Looking to further expand your positive impact and hit your sustainability goals? Our new NATIVACotton™ fiber amplifies the reach of our regenerative program so that a wider range of your garments can give back to nature. Read More
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