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FARMS Greasy wool
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Combing mill Wool top
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Spinning mill Wool yarn
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Weaving knitting Wool fabric

Blockchain Technology records transactions in a digital tamper-proof and descentralized database.
Information is distributed across a network of computers or nodes, is accessible to anyone in the network,
and cannot be altered or deleted.

NATIVA™ collaborative platform

Private secured blockchain

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Any node can add information that must be approved and recorded by all the nodes of the network and organized as “blocks”.
Each stakeholder has its own protected profile and the whole network is informed immediately of any modification.


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A unique QR code is generated for each product of each brand. This code is a connection between the NATIVA™ Blockchain Platform and the NATIVA™ Blockchain Website.


Picture QR code for sweat

Customers can scan the QR code to view the NATIVA™ Blockchain Website, where they can trace in real time the journey of their wool, from farm to brand.


nativa blockchain technology benefits picture yarn wool
  • Complete transparency over the supply chain and product transformation.
  • Security and privacy of the input data of each stakeholder.
  • End to end traceability.
  • A network of partners and collaborations.
  • A fantastic marketing tool for any brand.
  • A platform which can be configured to fit the client´s business model and supply chain.
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