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NATIVA™ Regenerative Cotton
In an attempt to amplify our positive impact, NATIVA™ Cotton accelerates the shift towards a more sustainable production system, from farm to brand. Made in Europe, NATIVA™ Cotton is a one-stop solution that certifies cotton growing, sourcing and producing, under the NATIVA™ Regenerative Program.
A Positive
NATIVARegen™ recreates what nature does so well - balanced ecosystems where all beings, big and small, cohabitate. This restores hope in a system in which animals, plants and people can work together to thrive.
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Made in the EU
Our NATIVA™ Regenerative Cotton founding partner, Nafpaktos, is based in Greece. Every step from the growing to the fiber processing and yarn making takes place in Europe – resulting in a farm to fiber cycle fully accomplished in the EU. Choosing NATIVACotton™ means your products will 100% comply with EU standards in labour and environmental conservation rights.
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 Achieve Your
Sustainable Goals

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Accounting for over 65% of fibers present in wardrobes around the globe, chances are cotton is a key part of your production. Switching to a more sustainable alternative could have an exponential positive effect on your brand’s sustainable impact. Get in touch to discuss how we can collaborate. Contact Us
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