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NATIVA™ Sustainable Cashmere
NATIVACashmere™ amplifies our commitment towards a more sustainable production system, from farm to brand. Grown in Mongolia, NATIVACashmere™ is a one-stop solution that certifies cashmere growing, sourcing and producing, under the NATIVA™ Program
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NATIVA™ guarantees a sustainable sourcing system that keeps animals, people and planet at the core. Following strict farm and industry standards, NATIVACashmere™ positively impacts the livelihoods of farmers living in Mongolia, offering training and financial support.
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We take the time to visit each farm and learn about the family’s methods, culture and traditions. We craft a farming plan that adheres to individual needs and looks to optimise natural resources while improving their living conditions.

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Switching to a more sustainable cashmere alternative brings you closer to your brand’s CSR goals. Get in touch to discuss how we can collaborate. Contact Us
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