Fully Traceable premium wool fiber Introducing NATIVA™ REGEN

From The Ground Up

The NATIVA™ Regenerative Agriculture Program is a robust system with a triple impact based on scientific research and backed by data. It protects the land by bettering its soil quality, safeguards the animals by ensuring their healthy keeping, and supports farmers and local communities by improving their livelihoods.

We aim to achieve greater water quality and increased CO2 capturing levels.

NATIVA™ recreates what nature does so well - balanced ecosystems where all beings, big and small, cohabitate. This restores back the hope in a system in which animals, plants and people can work together to thrive, and invites brands to be part of a change that feels as urgent as relevant.
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Nativa™ Cashmere
NATIVACashmere™ is our latest addition to our portfolio of ethical, natural fibers. Grown in Mongolia, NATIVACashmere™ is a one-stop solution that certifies cashmere growing, sourcing and producing, under the NATIVA™ Program.
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NATIVA™ Regenerative Cotton
In an attempt to expand our posititive impact within the supply chain, NATIVA™ Cotton accelerates the shift towards a more sustainable production system, from farm to brand. Made in Europe, NATIVA™ Cotton is a one-stop solution that certifies cotton growing, sourcing, and producing, under NATIVA™ Regenerative Program.
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Nativa regenerative program
Wool Origins picture
The NATIVA™ wool comes from the most breathtaking lands in Argentina, Uruguay, New Zealand, Australia, United States and South Africa.
The NATIVA™ wool origins

NATIVA™ Values

  • Commited

    Together with our farmers and partners we are champions of the unparalleled unique properties of natural fibers. We work collaboratively to create a positive impact in the supply chain, shifting towards a more sustainable production system.

  • Mindful

    With strong integrity, we build long standing relationships with farmers and supply chain partners. We aim to protect preople, animals and the planet.

  • Transparent

    With a thorough certification system, storytelling, and Blockchain technology, we bring full end-to-end traceability to the supply chain.


Consumers are demanding transparency along the supply chain, and brands which incorporate it will set themselves apart.

With over 40 years of experience in high end Merino wool sourcing and combing, Chargeurs Luxury Materials presents their new label, NATIVA™.

NATIVA™ is the most-advanced 100% traceable Merino wool label globally. We walk the grounds to mindfully source the most noble fibers and bring them to you.
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The land of NATIVA™

NATIVARegen™ Argentina
NATIVARegen™ Australia 
NATIVARegen™ URUGUAY Soil & biodiversity  The NATIVA™ Regenerative Agriculture Program improves the quality of the soil - resulting in better nutrients, cleaner water and an overall healthier habitat that restores natural biodiversity at farm level. Read more
NATIVARegen™ - Shaniko USA
Protected ecosystems
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