Fully traceable
premium wool fiber

Fully Traceable premium wool fiber Fully traceable premium wool fiber

Why Nativa™

Consumers are demanding transparency along the supply chain, and brands which incorporate it will set themselves apart.

With over 50 years of experience in high end wool sourcing and combing, Chargeurs Luxury Materials presents their new brand, NATIVA™.

NATIVA™ is the most-advanced 100% traceable and sustainable global wool brand. We mindfully source the most noble fibers and bring them to you.
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Wool Origins picture
The NATIVA™ wool comes from the most breathtaking lands in Argentina, Uruguay, New Zealand, Australia, United States and South Africa.
The Nativa™ wool origins

Nativa™ Values

  • Passionate

    Together with our farmers and partners we are champions of wool's unparalleled unique properties.

  • Mindful

    With strong integrity, we build long standing relationships with farmers and supply chain partners.

  • Transparent

    We bring full end to end traceability to the supply chain.

The land of Nativa™

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