NATIVARegen™ URUGUAY Soil & biodiversity 

The NATIVA™ Regenerative Agriculture Program improves the quality of the soil - resulting in better nutrients, cleaner water and an overall healthier habitat that restores natural biodiversity at farm level. Our pilot farm in Uruguay, "La Soledad", has been adopting new conservation methods that will improve the quality of natural resources in the long term.

NATIVARegen™ is a robust system with a triple impact, one based on scientific research and backed by data. It protects the land by bettering its soil quality, safeguards the animals by ensuring their healthy keeping, and supports farmers and local communities by improving their livelihoods. These multidisciplinary efforts also result in greater water quality and increased CO2 capturing levels.

Our latest partnership sees us teaming up with Gucci to develop the Regenerative Agriculture Program in Uruguay, as part of their wider sustainability commitments. The program has a strong environmental and social effect on farmers and their surrounding communities. 

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