NATIVARegen™ Australia  Holistic methods 

Tasmania, the largest Australian island in the south-west of the continent, is abounding in natural wonders. This luxuriant island with excellent air quality and temperate climate is home to more than 3 million Merino sheep - who live voluntarily away from human populations during the majority of the year. Their home offers breathtaking views and endless ground to graze, which allows them to produce one of the finest Merino wools in the world.
And with the aim to protect this perfectly-balanced environment, we developed our NATIVARegen™ Program, which recreates what nature does so well - balanced ecosystems where all beings, big and small, cohabitate. This restores hope in a system in which animals, plants and people can work together to thrive, and invites brands to be part of a change that feels as urgent as relevant.
Our local partner, "Prospect" farm in West Australia, runs a holistic and integrated program with a production area of 25,000 hectares, raising sheep on limited rainfall, including the introduction of natural fertility processes and zero tillage.

We have partnered with Prospect to supply the finest Australian Merino wool from regenerative farming.
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